Trigger Warnings

The Tangled Revenge Series

This Series contains violence and sexual content. It is not intended for anyone under the legal age of eighteen. All characters depicted in this book are eighteen and over. This book is not to be used as a resource for sexual education or a guide to sex or BDSM. The actions depicted in this book are dangerous and the scenes are not meant to depict any real-life scenarios. Nor are they a true depiction of BDSM, sex, or fetish related activities. 

This series a messy, slow burn menage. The people within the menage are revealed slowly over time as the story chose to unfold rather than up front from the beginning. 

Triggers within this Series: 

Kidnapping, dubcon, somnophilia, forced breeding, acts of racism, homophobia, misogyny, domestic violence, swallowing bodily fluids, degradation play, humiliation play, sex without a condom, tampering with drugs, suicidal illusions, sexual assault, homicide, miscarriage, sex trafficking illusions, cheating, cliff hanger, and age gap. 

When The Bloom Burns: 

Triggers within this standalone: 

 Age gap, domestic violence, non con, PTSD, depressive thoughts, suicidal ideations, and themes of war. 

The Petrov Crime Legacy

Triggers within this series: 

Trapping His Queen:

Kidnapping, Noncon, forced breeding, alluded miscarriage, forced bondage, drugs, violence, alluded Stockholm syndrome, captivity, stalker, obsession, age gap.


The Caputo Crime Family: 

Triggers within this series: 

Stalked to the Altar

Forbidden, Professor/Student Relationship, Age Gap, Instalust, He Falls First, Violence, Abuse, Torture, Gore, Family death, Suicide, Assault, Drugging, Nonconsent, Stalking, Auralism(look it up), Kidnapping, Sexual Assault of a Minor, Death, Choking(hand necklaces), Breeding, Forced proximity, Stockholm Syndrome, Serial killer, OW(other woman) Drama, Jealousy, Possessiveness

The Cortez Cartel Series: 

Depravity in the Dark-: 

Forbidden, Noncon, Virgin Heroine, Obsession, Possession, Toxic, Touch her and die, Murder, Crime, Kidnapping, Grooming, Blood Play, Spanking, Hand Necklaces